The OC Zlaťák was opened in Jeseník

The InterCora development group has been operating in the Czech market since 1991. It is primarily engaged in the construction and rental of commercial real estate for retail.

InterCora already has over 300 shopping centres with a total area of 2 million sq m on their account, these being mainly in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. Other projects are in the preparation phase or under construction. In our country, they are, e.g., in Dvůr Králové, Písek and Přeštice, and as well in Slovakia – Košice, Martin, Veľký Meder II., Liptovský Mikuláš and Dubnica nad Váhom.

The shopping centre Zlaťák – more than the 100th InterCora’s project in the Czech Republic, has recently, on 24th June, opened in Jeseník. It is located in neighbourhood of supermarkets Billa and Lidl, near the exit road to Poland. There are 75 parking spaces, including four for the disabled and one for parents with prams. The area of the new shopping centre is approximately 2,700 sq m and is shared by seven tenants. “Most of them are proven tenants, which customers also know from our other shopping centres – KiK and Planeo elektro, each of which occupies an area of about 700 sq m. Then there is the chemist’s Teta, homeware Banquet, toys Wiky and pet shop Super Zoo. Each of these units covers an area of about 200–300 sq m,” says Vilma Taborová, Manager of the Expansion and Rental Department, introduces the shopping centre Zlaťák, adding: “Our customers – and not only them – can refresh in Pepe’s Café run by Pepe’s Company from Břeclav. They have their own production of delicious desserts, ice cream and fresh products, such as salads. We have together realized an operation in the Nové Zámky Shopping Centre in Slovakia with them and we are preparing further cooperation.”

Despite the coronavirus epidemic, the construction of the shopping centre Zlaťák proceeded precisely according to schedule – it commenced last autumn after the demolition of the original building – the bakery with the aim of InterCora to commence operations within the deadline set by the future lease agreements.

Ing. Ivan Hlaváček, the Company Director, says: “We bought the land together with the existing bakery building. Following an agreement with the town of Jeseník, we postponed the demolition of the bakery and allowed it to operate during the covid period, half a year after the purchase of the property.” InterCora managed to meet the opening date mainly thanks to their huge commitment and quality work of all those who participated in the shopping centre Zlaťák project.


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