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JORDAHL & & PFEIFER Stavební technika, s r. o. was founded in 1998 and represents the German producers Jordahl, H-BAU (Pohl-Con) a Pfeifer.

We asked Ing. Michal Voplakal, Ph.D., MBA, company director, for a short review of the finishing year.

How do you see this as a very different year?

When I look at all the varied realizations – offices and shops, the Bořislavka Centrum, the footbridge in Svatošské skály, visitor’s centre Bernard and the State Regional Archive Louny – I see that the most important thing is to find a quality solution and supply it in time. We are able to accommodate the need for the soundproofing of foundations, staircases and lifts as well as thermal insulation for balconies and the suspension of modern facades. We have a longstanding experience with the realization of so called white tanks, that being waterproof structures against ground and pressured water. What is also successful in the market are elements that can save on floor areas, such as the Hybridbeam girder. Our large production facilities and constant development allows us to find solutions that are consequently cheaper than traditional processes for investors. There is a lack of qualified workers on building sites so it does pay to reserve their energy. It is necessary to provide them with a quality ‘building set’ from which they can build safer and quicker.

What has lately made you pleased?

When I was, as a member of a committee, assessing competing dissertation work under the auspices of the Czech Concrete Society, some of them were so good that I would offer their authors positions in the JORDAHL & PFEIFER, Stavební technika, team.

Are you able not to lose track when you have more projects on the go?

The work on the construction of the new headquarters of ČSOB in Hradec Králové was commenced in co-operation with Syner and last week we fitted the Hybridbeams for the Senior’s Home in Karlovy Vary – is it sufficient proof? At the end, I would like to give thanks to our partners and wish them good health and unrelenting energy for future development!    PR

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