Economical solution for carpark management

GREEN Center has a broad portfolio of technologies for carpark management, which includes sophisticated online systems and autonomous solutions. And that is what is very popular amongst customers due to its easy use and possibilities for future expansion.

Parking system GPE4P Economy represents an economically advantageous parking solution for simpler projects with one or more entrances and one exit. The system provides basic security for the premises and effective operation of the whole carpark.

Easy installation and operation

The GPE4P line underwent significant design and technology changes that provide customers with higher usable value whilst retaining a positive purchase price for the product. Thanks to an attractive design, the parking system can become visually interesting and functional equipment for carparks. The utilization of modern technologies and overall quality of realization guarantee high reliability and long lifespan of the system.

The advantage of the GPE4P parking system is in an entirely autonomous operation, which doesn’t require any permanent connection to a superior control server. The individual components are independent of one another and have no need to be interconnected with communication cables, which allows for the achieving of significant financial savings. Installation is really fast and simple – the system is prepared for direct operation only once the components are connected to a power supply. The accuracy of information between the individual components of the system (entry and exit terminals and automatic pay station) is secured by printed parking tickets with a bar code, which has two advantages: First, the material used by the information media is, in comparison with other types of media, less demanding financially and can efficiently reduce the common operational costs of the carpark; second, the bar code technology secures high operational reliability and system security. The solution developed for the remote control of the parking system allows for comfortable surveillance of the condition of the individual equipment and setting of certain functions simply via the application. The system also includes reports from action in a particular place.

A superior advantage of the system is the possibility of a simple upgrade to a fully-fledged online system. Only a few slight modifications (complementing the system with a server computer, interconnecting the individual components, updating of the software) can provide operators with all necessary advantages and advanced functions and possibilities the online system offers.

Utilization in both the private and public sector

The parking system allows one to choose different price tariffs and therefore to adjust the level of parking to the carpark operator’s pricing policy.

Based on the set tariff, the system provides a fully automated choice of parking fees. That can help to efficiently prevent financial losses caused by dishonest individuals involved with the collection of money. Human error is minimised as only authorized persons can come into contact with collected cash. Other employees only secure operative issues of a user and/or operational character, for instance the changing of till roles used for printing parking tickets and receipts.

The parking system was developed with consideration to the needs and requirements of operators of smaller carparks. “We were developing the parking system in co-operation with several operators of small carparks with a limited capacity. Based on their comments, we had to adjust the original concept a few times. The result should, however, be a product that would satisfy the overwhelming majority of our partners from both the public and private sectors. Thanks to its properties and functions, you can find it being used in corporate carparks, accommodational establishments, supermarkets, sports centres, cultural establishments, tourist attraction and monuments,” says Tomáš Zdobnický, technical manager at GREEN Center, one of the initiators for the development of the new parking centre.


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