The new technology eliminates the unwanted glass reflections

A brand-new product offers more opportunities to architects and engineers designing museums, exhibition halls, shopping malls, VIP functional rooms and sky-boxes at stadiums as well as residential buildings with large glazed areas. This is possible thanks to CLEARSIGHT, the anti-reflective glass.

The new processing technology gives glass unique properties: a special anti-reflective coating reduces the light reflection ten times and makes the glass practically invisible. This innovative, environment friendly technology has been developed by AGC, the global leader in the flat glass production. “Glare and light reflections are not very popular with people arranging shop window displays neither with architects and designers who must take into consideration light performance and reflections. The standard flat glass reflects nearly one tenth of light therefore the objects behind the glass become less visible. This is the reason why shop windows in shopping malls as well as display cabinets in museums require expensive lighting installations. If Clearsight glass is used this becomes totally unnecessary,” explains Marcela Antlová, the building glass consultant from AGC Flat Glass Czech.

Excellent transparency and minimal reflection

Clearsight can absorb more than 99% of light and reflects back only 0.8% of it. This makes the glass nearly invisible. On the other hand, conventional glass used in shop windows and display cabinets usually reflects up to 8% of visible light. This phenomenon results in the mirror effect which is not particularly suitable for displaying goods or exhibits. Objects behind the glass are not clearly visible. If Clearsight glass is used objects can be clearly seen. When looking from outside Clearsight glass is highly transparent and reflects only minimum of ambient light. This is the reason why Clearsight glass is an ideal solution for such applications where high transparency and minimal reflection are required.

Clearsight – the anti-reflective glass is made from a highly transparent and clear float glass which allows more light to pass through so contrasts and colours are not distorted. Clearsight can be laminated, heat-treated and used in double- and triple-glazing for better insulation. When used in windows it provides outstanding transparency and it has optimal see-through quality. This see-through quality remains the same also at night thanks to the reduced reflection from the interior. Clearsight is produced with the anti-reflective coating applied to one side only or both sides (one-side/double-side coating). It is available in the large format of 600 × 321 cm.

Higher abrasion resistance

For the Clearsight coating AGC uses the magnetron sputtering technology. The glass provided with this coating is suitable both for exterior and interior applications. This type of coating also makes Clearsight more resistant against abrasion which is an advantage wherever the glass is exposed to frequent contact with people (museums, shop windows, display cabinets, etc.).

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