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One of the current projects by KKCG Real Estate Group, a part of the investment group KKCG, is the top‘ residence of Pomezí, urban housing with a park landscape in public areas as well as private gardens by the individual buildings.

We talked about the top‘ residence Pomezí in detail with Otto Koval, Business Manager of the company.

The top‘ residence Pomezí is at a relatively advanced phase. You have commenced work on the second stage. At what phase is the first stage and when are the first tenants due to move in?

The completion of the first stage of the top‘ residence Pomezí is planned for March 2021. The final detail on the facades are being completed in the case of all four buildings and intensive work proceeds in the interiors – laying tiles, wooden flooring and work by the locksmiths. Street lighting and the final pavement surface has been realized. The first apartments will be ready for handover at the turn of March and April 2021.

How many apartments are still left for sale and which type attracted most interest?

Almost all apartments from the first stage have been sold. We still have two smaller apartments and four larger ones of a penthouse type with roof gardens left from our offer. Flats that sold first were those with front gardens and all standard apartments with a view of Prague’s panorama or the natural park.

Won’t the construction of the second stage somehow restrict new residents?

When planning the construction of the second stage of the project, we tried to minimize the impact it might have on all residents within the neighbourhood. That is why we realized some of the infrastructure work in advance and will continue to do so. Construction of the housing blocks from the second stage, which are located within the immediate vicinity of those from the first stage, will be commenced in the spring of 2021 and their rough structure, the shell, will be completed in less than a year. The development of family houses that are to follow, with an interval of several months, will proceed behind a ‘barrier’ of these housing blocks. We plan to complete total construction before the end of 2023.

The second stage is of a more versatile nature with regards to the typology of the buildings. Can you describe it to us further?

The second stage of the top‘ residence Pomezí will offer a total of 59 well-appointed apartments, 38 terraced family houses and five exclusive detached villas. The urban project, which came from an architectural workshop, is a work by the Czech branch of the English studio Bogle Architects. The authors of the individual groups of buildings are, aside from this studio, the Austrian-Czech association of the studios Baumschlager Eberle & Hnilička architekti and majo architekti. The basic concept of the urban project for the second stage of the project is to retain its natural environment where the terraced houses and housing blocks are located and which will allow pleasant housing surrounded by greenery. The natural utilization of the shape of the terrain allowed for the creation of different garden levels, which will provide new residents with sufficient privacy, is only to intensify the panoramic view of Prague’s centre and the surrounding greenery. Realization of the part of the project that is important to us will be secured by landscape architect Štěpánka Šmídová with her team from the Šmídová Landscape Architects studio. Vegetation in both private as well as public areas will comprise the original grown trees as well as those newly planted. The park also includes two retention basins. We are also preparing a multifunctional and children’s playground and picnicking area at the bottom part of the plot.

All residential units and buildings are realized to a high standard. Prices correspond with this. What has the response been so far?

We have noted considerable interest in the apartments at the top‘ residence Pomezí, which certainly pleases us. We mainly attribute it to excellent location and quality of the housing offered. A few days after the sale of the apartments from the second stage had been launched, 20% of the apartments have been booked and others are subject to negotiation. At the beginning of November, we will release terraced houses priced from 20 to 36 million Czech crowns. These typical houses are displayed on the website and we are already negotiating with initial clients interested in this type of housing.

Which type is the most attractive for your clients?

Interest in the apartments is quite well balanced. We have successfully negotiated with clients interested in larger apartments such as 2- and 3-bedroom apartments with kitchenette, but the one-bedroom apartments also sell well. Most interest is, once again, shown in apartments that come with a view of Prague and/or with a front garden.

Are you also planning to offer services as you do in Šárecké údolí in the top‘ residence Pomezí?

Yes, we are, for this service is sought after by clients. top‘ residence Pomezí residents will also be able to use the services of the Chamberlain application, which is managed by the service company FM&S, being part of the KKCG Real Estate Group. Apart from the standard management of the housing blocks, they also offer the services of a handyman. The Chamberlain application will allow one to, for instance, arrange for cleaning and gardening services, a car wash, catering and others.

With regards to co-operation with renowned architects, your projects attract success in both local and international competitions. What awards have you received recently?

The first and second stages of the top‘ residence Šárecké údolí were awarded with the Public Award as real estate project of the year and the first stage then won second place in the Best of Realty competition from amongst the smaller projects; Bořislavka Centrum received several awards in the prestigious international competition International Property Awards, whereby the most significant is Best International Office Development; the first stage of top‘ residence Pomezí was awarded real estate project of 2019.

Bořislavka Centrum, which is nearing its completion, also belongs amongst successful projects…

The construction proceeds as per schedule even though with certain complications caused by COVID-19. Final building approval is scheduled for spring of 2021. Work on the facades and outdoor terraces is being completed, reconstruction of surfaces and the planting of greenery in the neighbouring streets is in progress and HVAC works in offices and retail are in full swing.

How do you manage to communicate with future tenants in these difficult times and what is the occupancy rate?

Some 96% of offices is leased. The lease of retail premises, which was well in motion at the beginning of this year, slowed considerably due to the coronavirus pandemic. Negotiations with potential tenants are lengthy as their priority is to maintain existing operations, which can be understood. Now, we have approximately 65% of income secured from the retail section of the project.


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