Wisła Riverside Citywalk

In the historical area of Těšín Silesia, in the mountain range of Silesian Beskids, near the borders with the Czech Republic, is the town of Wisła with a population of more than 11,000 people. This popular tourist destination is sought after by thousands of visitors throughout the year.


And it is where the story begins of architect Michal Postránecký, who executed and introduced the proposal for the study of the project of Wisła Riverside Citywalk. The study presents a concept that is anchored by a joint agreement about co-ordinated development in a particular area where there would be a central pedestrian boulevard with a complex of modern buildings with a broad functional utilization with very sensitively incorporated public areas from an urban point of view, bestowing the whole area with significant attractiveness.


The town of Wisła towards the future

The architect of the project, Michal Postránecký, who is also a founder and head of CCF CIIRC at the Czech Technical University in Prague, adds: “Together with town representatives and a private investor we believe that the vision of Wisła as a modern town of the 21st century can be connected suitably with the proposed project Wisła Riverside Citywalk. The project that follows the tradition and heritage of the old Wisła complements the existing town areas appropriately. The urban solution offers a newly created public area for the gathering of existing residents and visitors, which also interconnects suitably the function of housing with the area of job opportunities, quality restaurants and picturesque cafés, shops and cultural experiences.”


Location and urbanism

The heart of the new development is a pedestrian zone with a ‘theatre square surrounded by shops, cafés and excellent restaurants. Establishments and facilities provide particular services and theatre and other activities are focused perpendicularly towards the Vistula River and Kolejowa Road. Once completed, there will be a pedestrian route connecting the main Bogumiła Hoffa Square, a place with many activities and attractions, with 1. Maja Street and the Księżycowy Boulevard that runs along the river. Between the main road that runs through the town and the Vistula River, there is the striking complex of the Gołębiewski Hotel on the opposite side of the river.


Architectural solution

The architectural solution for the new buildings is designed in a style of modern architecture that respects the character of the location. A group of residential buildings is concentrated towards the river. Some of them can be used for short-term accommodation in a 4* boutique hotel or, in the case of longer stays, in residential units. The buildings are designed with a glazed façade which reflects the broad surroundings with which they will visually blend very well.


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