Premium properties resist market volatility

Unique locations, exclusivity and specific architecture – these are the factors that belong, according to Marek Unčovský from Avant Financial Group, among the most important in terms of development. 

Together we talked about the investment portfolio focused on premium real estate and the activities and opportunities the group pursues in the market.

Your group focuses, among other things, on investments in the development of premium real estate. Why do you think it is worth investing in such properties? 

The charm of premium real estate lies primarily in their resistance to market volatility. An exceptional project simply always finds its buyer. After all, we were able to see that for ourselves many times in history – unlike other commodities, the value of premium real estate resisted market fluctuations significantly better. The uniqueness of the project, which is usually characterized by a specific location, connection to its character, distinctive architecture and privacy, is also important to us.

Which specific development projects are you currently working on?  

We invest in real estate through the Nemomax qualified investors’ fund (Nemomax investment fund with variable capital, a. s.), which has focused on investing in the development of premium real estate since 2017. At the end of July this year, the value of their assets reached CZK 892 million and is building a very respectable portfolio. The fund’s successful projects include, for instance, the reconstructed First Republic villa Rokoska located at the foot of the slope above Troja, Prague. They have also built modern apartment buildings within the VIVA Vrchlabí project. As for the upcoming projects, I would like to mention the Na Karmeli Residence, which will offer, in the future, premium apartments in the middle of the historic centre of Mladá Boleslav. The newest project that is being prepared is the VIVA Lipno project situated on the bank of a popular South Bohemian dam, which is undergoing preparatory work and obtaining necessary documentation. It combines exclusivity, a unique location, unique architecture and privacy. It is also exceptional for blending in with the surrounding nature, as the individual objects were designed to evoke the natural part of the surrounding forest cover and to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. 

Apart from development, you are also engaged in financial services. Who are they aimed at?  

The investment company AVANT, which has had a strong name in the market for the past 17 years has been included in our portfolio since 2021. The company specializes in the establishment, management and administration of funds of qualified investors. We provide experienced investors with interesting investment opportunities, for instance in sectors such as the development of residences and commercial real estate, logistics and industrial sites. And it is thanks to the activities of the investment company AVANT that we have gained valuable know-how on how to connect the investment and business sectors. Now, we intend to use this experience within the holding company Avant Financial Group.  

What in particular do you offer? 

We help entrepreneurs in different ways. First of all, we offer them equity financing, or buying out their project. Our third service is strategic management and acquisition of strategic partners. That helps projects that thematically do not fall into our area of focus, but we still see growth potential in them. We will evaluate the opportunity and connect these entrepreneurs with investors or other partners from within the AVANT ecosystem who will help them develop their company. We provide our clients with strategic management in such fundamental projects. 

I see your group is doing well despite the recession. What economic results does it achieve?  

At Avant Financial Group, we maintain stable growth. Over the past year, we managed to achieve a profit of CZK 110 million and increase our capital to CZK 328 million. The assets of our group reached the threshold of CZK 1.35 billion. The growth of Avant Financial Group is based on a set strategy that we have followed since the company was founded – to focus on premium and unique projects with growth potential. Despite the current macroeconomic situation, we see that we have chosen the right direction and we are glad that our investors and partners trust us in this regard. 

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