ANTRACIT strengthens its position, taking on more projects

The portfolio of the ANTRACIT Property Development Group ranges from logistics and manufacturing to administrative projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Continued revitalisation of the Ostrava centre

The residential and office project Multifunction House VÁCLAV will be built in the historical centre of Ostrava. Rescue archaeological research is currently underway, and construction will begin in early 2024. Another project is ANTRACIT Lívia comprising smart wooden houses built in the District of Moravská Ostrava and Přívoz. Finally, from September 2023, the visitors will have a chance to use the ANTRACIT PorubkaPoint known as a HANGAR Ostrava climbing centre. The ANTRACIT Pilsen brownfield project (rental and warehouse premises) is underway near the main Pilsen railway station. Reconstruction and construction work will start in 2024. Another project, ANTRACIT Ústí nad Labem brownfield area will offer a total of eight premises intended for manufacturing, warehousing, and/or offices. The complex is currently being revitalized.

Development boom in Slovakia

The ANTRACIT Spot project in Žilina will be handed over to a gymnastics and parkour academy for children and teens at the end of January 2024. For the second stage of the ANTRACIT Senec project documentation for EIA and zoning proceedings is being finalized, and construction will start at the end of 2024. The project ANTRACIT Prešov is in its final stage of being connected to the underground utilities. The premises are suitable for warehouses, showrooms, and/or shops. 

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