Hidden Mediterranean cuisine in Dejvice

Nobody would expect it from the outside. An inconspicuous Mediterranean restaurant is hidden in the Vienna House Diplomat Hotel in Dejvice, Prague.

The restaurant Bull & Bonito, with a focus on Mediterranean cuisine, was established here in 2019. The kitchen is ruled with sharp knives by chef Jan Schánil and his team.

History and concept

Over the last few years, the Prague part of Dejvice has become a place where you will find a lot of new cafes and restaurants. And not only Dejvice but also Vinohrady, Karlín or Letná have experienced a “boom” of new interesting places where you can find great coffee spots and enjoy world-class gastronomy.

The Bull & Bonito restaurant is located in the iconic Diplomat Hotel in Dejvice, which belongs to the Vienna House hotel chain group. Hotel Diplomat with 400 rooms underwent a complete reconstruction, which was completed in the spring of 2019. Thanks to this reconstruction, a new concept of the restaurant was opened with intention to open to local guests and neighbours. The architectural interior design was created by BWM Architects studio in Vienna and adapted the evolving environment by alternating colours, different materials and light compositions. The interior of the restaurant is dominated by a sculpture of a bull, wood and earthy tones, which are elegantly complemented by contrasting colours.

The restaurant works completely independent of the hotel. It has a separate entrance, but you can also get inside from the hotel lobby. The restaurant also has a partially covered terrace, which can be used for sitting throughout the year.

Why Bull & Bonito?

Imagine cities like Rome, Venice, St. Tropez, Marseille, Barcelona or Valencia. What do you imagine about these cities? Most of us imagine the sun, the sea, the peace and the holidays. In Bull & Bonito, you will feel somewhere along the Mediterranean Sea. The restaurant is inspired by the vibrant and relaxed atmosphere, especially by the variety of dishes of southern Europe.

Bull & Bonito combines quality and fresh ingredients. The word ‘Bull’ represents quality meat and ‘Bonito’ the best of the sea. Chef Jan Schánil prepares dishes based on the best that Mediterranean cuisine has to offer. In addition to quality meat from Czech farmers, the menu also includes Spanish ham, which matured for 24 months. The highlight of the kitchen is the water grill, from which grilled meats are much healthier. When grilling, the fat drips into the water placed under the grill grate, thus prevents the formation of carcinogenic substances.

Let´s discover Mediterranean cuisine

Chef Jan Schánil recommends tasting an Andalusian appetizer of almonds, garlic and milk Ajo blanco with freshly baked homemade focaccia. From the permanent menu, the speciality is Tomahawk pork chop with a spicy sauce Salsa verde. The aim is to use local and seasonal ingredients as much as possible. The menu changes regularly according to seasonal foods. The restaurant is open Monday to Sunday from 11:30 until 22:00. During the working week, you can go to the restaurant for a lunch menu. Thanks to its great location near Vítězné Square, it is an ideal place for family celebrations, as well as a romantic dinner for two.

Klára Laudátová / foto: vienna house

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