Multifunctional lobby is a space for everyone at Vienna House

The lobby and entrance halls of the hotels are no longer just about waiting for check-in or the arrival of a taxi. The trend is to use common areas creatively and functionally. In the lobby of the Vienna House hotels you will find space for fun, work, and relaxation.

What comes to your mind in connection with the hotel as one of the main attributes? In addition to the location and the kitchen, it will definitely be comfort. Most guests want to relax after a long journey when arriving to the hotel. They want to look around, sit down, prepare their documents, or have the coveted coffee. Comfortable armchairs, ambient music, good lighting, and number of tables to put stuff away. This is what comfort looks like in the lobby according to Vienna House. You will be happy to meet colleagues or friends here. You can work here, have fun, and spend time creatively. Nowadays, it is absolutely essential that these common areas are flexible and cover a wide range of requirements.

Coworking at the hotel

“We perceive the requirements of our guests. Many of them want to work or sort things outside their room for various reasons. Whether they need more space, a change of environment or want to enjoy a piece of cake with work. Placing a coworking table in the lobby was a clear step in the right direction,” explains Marek Páleník, Director of
Vienna House Diplomat Prague. Here you will find a long table with hidden tilting sockets, lamps, and comfortable chairs, as well as plenty of other corners to sit and work. Of course, there is a free WiFi, sockets at every step and also two desktop computers if necessary.

Both coffee and a football match

An important space within the lobby is, of course, a bar or cafe. It is a place where you can spend your free time, meet for business breakfast and lunch, or enjoy a pleasant evening by the fireplace. The bar menu must therefore be adapted to all these activities. It is therefore necessary to include both excellent coffee and great wine on the menu, as well as something to replenish energy. The offer of food is also specific, as added by Štěpán Sova, director of Vienna House Easy Pilsen: “Speed, quality of ingredients and simplicity are the basis. Whether you go for a business lunch or want a sandwich with your afternoon coffee, you can’t wait an hour for a meal. That’s not good for a cafe in the lobby.” The lobby bar often has widescreen TVs or projection screens. So that you can watch big events such as the Olympic Games or championships here.

Space for everyone

It is important that the lobby areas are barrier-free, including toilets. Guests with disabilities, or parents with prams and the elderly, should feel comfortable and natural. Equipment for children is another convenient accessory. How many times have you traveled with children and needed at least a minibus? At Vienna House, they are ready for kids even in the common areas, whether it is a changing table, highchairs or even board games for rent.

Vienna House hotels are flexible and open to all. They now work without restrictions with all services. Do you want to go to Prague, Pilsen or somewhere else? Check out

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