Corporate parking in towns

Many cities practice a strong restrictive parking policy within the municipality’s territory. This restriction has a significant influence on both, residents and corporate entities. Whilst it represents a positive change for the residents, businesses are almost always affected by regulating measures via increased financial costs.

 More and more people currently use a car, which naturally comes with traffic issues. Especially parking in restricted zones tends to be difficult. Demand for parking places exceeds supply and creates excess pressure. Municipal councils therefore often try to deal with parking problems through employing restrictive measures.

Zones complicate parking for business

Prague can be seen as an example as government is trying to prevent these parking problems by introducing paid parking zones. And apart from the city centre, where introduction of the restrictions can be justifiable due to the protection of a conservation area, these also tend to be seen in more restricted parts of the city. Most zones are exclusively intended for residents or their use can be subject to a charge. Zone regulation is, however, one-sided as it only represents improvement for local residents.

What is positive for permanent residents is, on the other hand, redeemed by the suffering of companies whose business can be really aggravated by the parking zones. Companies whose offices are in a particular part have the possibility to use parking zones for parking but the price is much higher than that for residents – and for many companies completely unbearable, not to mention the possible parking places for their customers. System revision and a change of conceptual solution is not in sight and that is why some companies try to find a way to avoid paying exorbitant fees and also to park more comfortably. All these entities are offered as a solution from GREEN Centre.

Solution for private plots

Some companies dispose with land that they use as a parking place for their vehicle fleet. Prior to the realization of paid parking zones, it was not necessary to somehow fence these areas off public areas. But the extensive introduction of zone parking tends to be used more and more by drivers who try to avoid paying for parking. Private land can be fitted with automatic parking barriers, which prevent unwanted persons from entering. The barriers can be controlled via remote controls, which is to allow entrance to their holders only – employees, customers, distributors and partners.

Companies based in buildings with a central yard can use yard areas for parking. These buildings tend to have a problem with insufficient courtyard entries where it is impossible for vehicles to pass in both directions. Saving passages on internal roads with a one-way entry can be solved by controlled transport system. Transport control monitors the presence of vehicles in a particular area and regulates their entry and exit on the basis of received information.

… as well as underground garages

Another solution represents the construction of an underground garage. Garage entry is fitted with a sliding gate controlled by a contactless card reader. Entry is only permitted to identification card holders. The company therefore has direct control over the utilization of parking premises. With regards to often restricted spatial layouts in garage entrances, a transport control system can also find its use there.

Most parking possibilities are, however, naturally available for developers and companies who decide to construct an entirely new property. Newly constructed buildings don’t need to be restricted to the use of simple parking systems but can also employ more complex solutions. Entrance and exit to and from the parking premises can be fitted with camera system for reading registration plates, which can secure speedy and comfortable drive through on basis of their automatic recognition. Extensive and large capacity garages can be fitted with navigation system for finding vacant parking places, navigating drivers via information displays and light signals to the nearest parking space, which reduces the driving to vacant space considerably. Commercial buildings can also be fitted with a system for automatic parking charge collection. Car parks fitted with comprehensive parking systems are to provide the users with the highest parking comfort.


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