DOCK IN: Where work, comfort and nature complement one another

The administrative district DOCK IN is being constructed on the boundary of two worlds – the pulsating centre of the metropolis and the peaceful environment of a park alongside a river. It combines modern administrative premises, perfect background facilities, easy accessibility – and most of all direct contact with nature.


DOCK IN is the synonym of a modern administrative centre within the centre of the metropolis. It is a part of the residential and commercial campus DOCK by the development group Crestyl and is situated on the boundary of Prague’s Libeň, Karlín and Holešovice, near the Palmovka underground station. In spite of the peaceful environment, it also offers excellent connections either by car or public transport, this being due to the nearby tram stops and an underground stop – the journey to Prague’s centre will therefore take just a few minutes.




Completely finished next year

The administrative part of DOCK IN is divided into several stages. The first three already completed stages are leased. The building DOCK IN FOUR is to be completed before the summer and is also almost fully leased and work on the last stage DOCK IN FIVE has already been commenced. Completion of this building, which will crown the development of the whole new Dock district, is scheduled for the end of next year. DOCK IN FIVE will offer almost 25,000 sq m of administrative premises and retail premises. Nevertheless, the suitable location and large work premises are not the only feature that DOCK IN stands out for amongst other projects.


Facilities will support productivity

Productivity is not only influenced by more and more advanced technologies but also by the comfort of those who operate them. And large companies have already realized that only a comfortable chair or automatic coffee machine will just not do in order to provide employees with the comfort they require. That is why DOCK IN offers versatile facilities that meet employees’ comprehensive requirements for comfort. The complex also comes with several restaurants, a café, fitness centre and the DOCK-IN-JOY concept where one can hire paddleboards, paddle boats and motorboats and will now also attend to yachting. The complex also includes outdoor fitness features.

Nearby, there is a golf driving range and tennis courts and the whole complex is surrounded by a tartan running track, which connect to the city cycleways. Crestyl also accounts with the opening of a nursery school, hairdresser’s and other particularly useful premises and the whole concept will provide wireless connection and the possibility to charge a computer or mobile with ease. It means that DOCK IN combines a modern working environment with the comforts that many people only associate with home. Imaginary deletion of these boundaries therefore provides companies with a tremendous potential for increased productivity. Moreover, the adjacent location of Palmovka offers comprehensive civic amenities – schools, sports grounds, medical facilities, post office, theatre, shops and restaurants.

Nature at hand

The DOCK IN project is characteristic for being set in a green environment amongst water features. A stream of vegetation flows down tiered terraces of buildings, being connected directly to greenery that leads to a one-hectare central park. The buildings therefore don’t create the impression of a concrete box that would disturb the relief of the landscape but blend in harmony. The complex also has a marina, offering the possibility of relaxing directly on the river’s banks.

Nature is not only included in the project physically but also penetrates to its soul. All the buildings are designed in accordance with the international criteria of the programme of long-term sustainable projects, LEED Gold. Charging stations for e-cars and e-bikes, economical lighting as well as rain sensors that allow water management during the irrigation of outdoor greenery come as a matter of course and rainwater tanks are also utilised. DOCK IN thus represents a project that is friendly to the human mind as well as the environment.

Interest from global companies

DOCK IN has already attracted many significant companies such as Saint-Gobain, Dáme jídlo, BNP Paribas Cardif Pojišťovna, ASSA ABLOY, Lego Trading, Publicis, Henkel and Hornbach and others continue coming. “The interest in DOCK IN confirms that we have also managed to create a modern administrative centre with a really pleasant working environment situated near the metropolis’ centre. Thanks to the offices being situated within the immediate vicinity of the apartments, the area remains lively and the overall unique atmosphere is also emphasised by the abundance of greenery and the adjacent river,” says Omar Koleilat, managing director at Crestyl Group.



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