The racecourse in Velká Chuchle

Now Chuchle Arena Praha, is, after two years, returning to the ownership of the Víteks’ family and is gradually turning into a multifunctional sports and cultural complex. Thanks to investment of hundreds of thousands Crowns, there were modernized background facilities for jockeys and visitors and an area for show jumping and a design hotel situated directly within the grandstands. A 7m long steel statue of a shark created by professor and academic sculptor Michal Gabriel was unveiled at the end of June with the aim to bring culture and art into the complex. Building and other works which current value amounts to CZK 277 mil., was commenced in the winter 2018. Renovation of the outdoor areas goes hand in hand with the interior reconstruction. In 2018, an area of a small betting counters and restaurant were renovated. New salons for visitors to the races and the Derby Club Prague area were prepared for the 2019 season on the fifth floor. Reconstruction of hotel rooms in the original accommodation area was completed this year. Stables and background facilities for jockeys, for instance changing rooms and weighing rooms also underwent reconstruction.

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