Delta Pods Architects reprezents four principles

Delta Pods Architects reprezents four principles: Ecology, economy, social aspects and design

DELTA is an international provider of real estate services and is represented by approximately 400 employees at several locations in mother country of Austria, then in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. DELTA’s services include architecture, construction management and consulting.

Its subsidiary Delta Pods Architects is an internationally active architecture firm with a transnational, interdisciplinary team with around 160 architects, civil engineers and building technicians. In addition to Austria, there are currently offices in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. In addition to architectural and general planning services, the company also specializes in digital tools (BIM), interior design and local construction supervision. Delta Pods Architects has already realized numerous projects in the following sectors: research, health, production, education, housing and labour. Reference projects include the Elisabethinen Wien Mitte, which was awarded the 2023 monument protection medal, as well as pharmaceutical projects for Boehringer I. and Biomay, among others. The office developed by Delta Pods Architects in Slovakia for Takeda was honoured with the Innovative Office of the Year award in 2023.

Klaus Ransmayr, Chief Design Officer at Delta Pods Architects answered the question od Development News.


The DELTA Group established a new brand of Delta Pods Architects at the turn of the year. What can clients expect?

We are a team of architects, technicians and planners who work together for common values and goals: A sustainable future for all and enhancing the quality of life through a responsible building culture. The architecture of Delta Pods Architects is the expression of a basic attitude. We align our position with four principles: Ecology, economy, social aspects and design. Therefore, we always research the latest technology and listen carefully to the needs of our clients and future users. Our solutions are versatile in their use, attractive in their design, and sustainable in their materials. As a result, they outlast the life cycle of entire generations.


Klaus Ransmayr, CDO, Delta Pods Architects, is an internationally educated architect and creative based in Vienna with substantial experience in conceptual design, schematic design and design development of office, mixed-use, commercial, residential, industrial, and other complex and award-winning developments. For Delta Pods Architects, he is responsible for leading the design for all projects in design and planning phase and a key person in the management team for business development and acquisition. As CDO, Klaus Ransmayr holds the leadership role in guiding projects from the initiation through the design, ensuring continuity of design intent and quality through the planning and execution up until the delivery of the project. In this role, he represents the company towards stakeholders and carries the responsibility for design as well as strategic and commercial decisions. His substantial technical, commercial knowledge and experience, and the ability to guide the project teams through the entire design process, have helped and allowed him to deliver numerous projects successfully. Previous to his position at Delta Pods Architects, Klaus has worked as partner and Design Director at HENN as well as Asymptote Architecture and Coop Himmelb(l)au.

What are your goals? What will be this international team of architects specialized in?

We strongly believe that architects have a responsibility to shape the world to the better. For us, our slogan ‘Beyond Building’ means creating worlds, not just buildings. We think of them in the contexts of environment and surroundings, architecture and technology, design and usage, footprint and life circle. This claim is complex and multidimensional. We meet this challenge with precise solutions. Our services range from architecture, interior design, general planning to local construction supervision/management. We are pioneers in using digital tools and BIM and see sustainability consulting as one of our core-strengths. We see architecture as a communicative process with a high level of social responsibility, too. We plan and design sustainable buildings and are convinced that we are building a better world together. The user, the client and all other parties involved in the planning process are intensively involved in the development of the concept. Thus, we accompany our clients from the first idea to the complete implementation of the project.

Why did you start Delta Pods Architects just now? Is there any special reason for such timing?

The DELTA Group was founded 47 years ago, always having architecture as one of its core-businesses. Throughout the years, each branch developed an independent architectural department. Over the last years we noticed that projects get more and more complex and the demand to involve a large number of specialists is ever increasing. For this we see it as a big potential to combine all our international experience and expertise to be able to best serve those demands. We are now able to react a lot more agile to local resource requirements and are always able to find the best people for the job within our company. 

You were appointed as a head of the team; what are your visions for the future and what do you want to achieve together?

The future of architecture is a vibrant and evolving field, shaped by a combination of technological advancements, environmental concerns and changing human needs. I’m a very passionate architect with a strong believe in the potential of architecture’s impact on society. The future holds endless possibilities for innovation, creativity, and positive impact. My vision for the future of Delta Pods Architects is not just about buildings, but creating spaces that enhance the quality of life, foster sustainable living and inspire future generations. 

Dynamically developing new technologies are increasingly entering to construction technologies. But I am afraid, that this trend is not at the same level not in all the countries. How do you want to work with an affordable offer in different states?

Delta Pods Architects is working globally but acting locally. This means we totally understand that there are alternating standards and also expectations in different countries. We have a strong focus on maintaining the architectural quality independent of where the project is being realized. This is only possible with a strong local presence. 

What possibilities or chances for modernization do you see in the Czech Republic? DELTA has implemented top projects here, so how do you want to follow the successful ones?

The Czech Republic has seen some very high-level ambitious projects recently. We are extremely happy about this development and hope, that this trend continuous and that we will continue to contribute to this in the future. We have strengthened our team focusing on early-stage design and conceptualization as well as sustainability consulting. In Austria sustainability in architecture transitioned from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’. We hope that this will also be increasingly demanded in the Czech Republic.

What was the first important task you decided to do?

The DELTA Group has a very strong team with focus on later design phases. Therefore, one of the first things we as Delta Pods Architects decided to do was to strengthen the conceptual and schematic design phase. We installed a design department at our Vienna office being responsible for overseeing the design for all projects. The synergy of our teams makes it easier for us to achieve maximum architectural quality in our projects at an international level. There is such a vast number of realised projects within the DELTA Group. Getting an overview of what has been done and making this accessible to everyone within the company was also one of the first tasks we started. This is key to understanding the level of experience and expertise not only internal but also external.

PR Marcela Kolářová a Arnošt Wagner

Photo: Delta’s Archive

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