Innovation in parking with Green Center

Innovation, sustainability, and efficient use of urban space – these are the key aspects highlighted by the recent successes in parking solutions implemented by Green Center, the leading Czech manufacturer and provider of parking systems and technologies.

Green Center focuses on integrating advanced technologies in its projects, which include license plate recognition systems and navigation systems for efficient guidance to available parking spaces, all with the aim of optimizing user experience while also promoting sustainable development in urban areas.

P+R parking house in Nové Butovice

The P+R parking house project in Nové Butovice represents an extraordinary combination of comfortable parking for 380 vehicles while also efficiently utilizing space with a thoughtful division for commuters and local residents. With four charging stations for electric vehicles and the potential for future expansion to a total of 33 stations, this implementation is a prime example of innovation in urban parking.

“We are very pleased with this project because it reflects our ongoing effort to create practical and eco-friendly parking solutions that effectively respond to current needs and aim towards sustainable cities,” says Tomáš Zdobnický, CEO and owner of Green Center.

P+R parking house in Mladá Boleslav

A new P+R parking garage has also been recently opened in Mladá Boleslav. With more than 300 parking spaces and six charging stations for electric vehicles, strategically located between the sports hall and the main entrance to the stadium, this project offers not only practical advantages to the city’s inhabitants but also supports ecological mobility.

T. Zdobnický comments it: “Our investment into innovative and sustainable parking solutions reflects our firm belief that smart technologies and thoughtful urban approaches are key to creating smart and green cities for future generations.”

In the context of growing challenges of urban mobility and enduring sustainability, projects like those from Green Center become an essential step towards adapting our infrastructure and promoting a more sensitive and efficient use of urban space.

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