Residential complex Bohdalec Quartet

JRD has long been one of the leading developers in the field of sustainable construction and approach to healthy and ecological housing. 

One of their most recently implemented projects is the residential complex Bohdalec Quartet in U Plynárny Street in Michle, Prague, offering 183 residential units. As is a good practice when it comes to JRD, we can find the latest technologies from the TZB field, guaranteeing healthy and ecological operation of the entire facility, in the Bohdalec Quartet residential complex as well.  

JRD puts emphasis on healthy housing and the related healthy indoor environment, which is already legislatively prescribed in terms of ventilation of living quarters, for instance ČSN 15665/Z1. The central air-conditioning system, which uses roof-mounted central units with integrated noise dampers in connection with intelligent variable flow regulators, so called SMART boxes, was designed for this project in cooperation with ATREA, a long-term partner of JRD in the area of design and implementation of apartment buildings with regards to air-conditioning equipment with heat recovery.

The main asset of the air-conditioning units installed at the Bohdalec Quartet residential complex is already evident from their name – DUPLEX Silent. The low noise level of these ventilation units is absolutely essential, both due to the acoustic power emitted by the casing into the surroundings as well as the acoustic power radiated into the air-conditioning pipeline. With regards to its design, the latter one is already solved within the unit. This eliminates the complex way of fitting large silencers into the pipe distribution, where it is often limited by space options. Variable air flow regulators (VAV regulators), which monitor the correct amount of ventilated air in individual housing units, represent an indispensable part of the entire air-conditioning system. The high technological standard of JRD also uses air quality sensors in this system, which monitor the correct concentration of CO2 in the apartments and thus guarantee their residents an undisturbed stay in a healthy environment without the need for intervention.  

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