Our services increase the value of real estate

The team of the Savills office in Prague offers comprehensive services in the field of commercial real estate and helps clients with their decision making and strategies on a daily basis.

The Property Management Department offers a wide range of activities, from consulting and marketing strategies and management of all types of real estate to financial reporting, regular maintenance and hiring of employees. Ing. Igor Gacek, Head of Property Management, told us more about it. 

Savills manages all types of real estate, from administrative buildings to multi-functional projects and shopping centres. Which of these segments forms the basis of your portfolio? 

Savills currently manages about 700 000 sq m of commercial premises. The majority of them are logistics and administrative buildings, each with a share of approximately 35%. The others are multifunctional buildings with retail and administrative premises located within the building. The remaining over 10% comprises ‘all the other’ premises, that is production premises, showrooms, residential buildings and independent retail. We manage a wide spectrum of buildings for various clients – from foreign funds to domestic funds to private investors or owners.

Do you focus on providing services in individual buildings or in entire portfolios? 

Savills is open to all clients and we approach each property individually. When it comes to portfolios, it is a matter of course to set uniform processes according to clients’ requirements. So, it is a combination of both. 

Do you focus on a long-term strategy, or rather on specific services and industry-focused consulting? 

We look at the buildings through the owner’s lens and are a kind of oilcan within the owner – tenants or suppliers mechanism. The benefit of the services provided by Savills lies not only in the high-quality management of the entrusted real estate, but also in the fact that we try to increase its value with our services, either by increasing the yield or by efficient management and setting up services in order to suit each and individual property. The advantage of the company is the ability to provide comprehensive services, not just administration. We provide project management, ESG services, which are becoming more and more important in the real estate world, valuations and investments. Having a reliable partner of a high professional level, who would be able to provide all these services, is important to all clients. 

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