PSN is successfully implementing their residential projects in Prague

Despite the complicated situation in the real estate market, PSN continues intensive implementation of their residential projects.

Their portfolio currently includes, for instance, four projects that are created via a sensitive reconstruction of townhouses and apartment buildings in attractive locations in Prague. They are suitable for private housing as well as a profitable and long-term investment. The developer also offers a more advantageous mortgage interest rate there. After the period of the coronavirus pandemic, during which apartments were still sold and real estate prices rose significantly, everything was affected by the geopolitical situation last year. Building materials became more expensive, energy prices escalated, and inflation started to rise significantly. The CNB raised interest rates and the unavailability of mortgages led to a decrease in demand and real estate sales. Despite this difficult situation, PSN did well – both in sales and with the preparation and implementation of new projects. The company fulfils their ambitious plans and continues to expand their housing stock with new apartments in the most interesting locations. They can satisfy the requirements of those interested in new housing and at the same time, they are also in the sight of investors.

Always in the centre of action

A more intimate living in the broader centre of Prague is offered by the Hanusova Housing project. A total of 18 small-sized bedsits and one-bedroom units are great for individuals or couples, but also as a profitable real estate investment. They are all awaiting renovation, so the new owners can modify them exactly to their liking. There is also a pleasant common area ideal for summer barbecues, for instance, being created in the garden within this low-rise building.

Between the Budějovická and Pankrác underground stations, where the apartment building is located, there is everything you need for a contented life – from a wide range of restaurants and cafes to shopping opportunities and sports fields. At the same time, it is not a problem to get to the centre of Prague in a few minutes by the underground. 

Practical apartments near nature

The Bydlení u Pekáren project is being developed in a quieter location with a family atmosphere. PSN is preparing 17 apartments with layouts ranging from bedsits to two-bedroom apartments, from which everyone can choose, in the popular location of Hostivař. Full-fledged civic amenities and varied possibilities for sports and recreational activities represent the biggest attraction of this district.

The generous shared garden represents a great benefit of this three-story housing block. Future residents can enjoy it quietly with a cup of coffee in its paved area and get busy with gardening in the unpaved parts. 

Genius loci of Břevnov

Those interested in purchasing their own home can also buy a new apartment in the lucrative district of Prague 6 with an unmistakable atmosphere. The very intimate Bydlení Na Petynce project was created in the area of the Petynka, Kajetánka and Malovanka estates from the 17th century, offering apartments with layouts ranging from bedsits to two-bedroom apartments, a maisonette on the top floor and a non-residential maisonette unit spread over three floors in the street of the same name.

The three-story apartment building in the style of geometric Art Nouveau matches perfectly the cosy character of the location situated about 2 km from Prague Castle. Excellent transport accessibility and a wide range of leisure activities come as a matter of course – there is the Ladronka Park, the Hvězda nature reserve or the premises of the Břevnovský and Strahovský cloisters near the project.

Living near Vyšehrad

In the prestigious Podolí district, PSN presents an interesting opportunity in the form of 21 residential units that will satisfy the demands of couples and individuals, as well as investor interest. The five floors of the Sinkulova Housing project offer units in the popular layouts of bedsit and one-bedroom apartments. The pre-reconstruction state allows for the interior to be individually finished according to the new owner’s style.

The housing block is situated in the middle of all the action, i.e. close to the busy centre, but at the same time within reach of the peace of nature. You can get to the centre and out of Prague, as well as for sports activities, with a snap of a finger. Worth mentioning are the local swimming pool, the Yellow Spa, the island of Císařská louka or the Vltava Embankment with its popular cycleway. 

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