Häfele: New major construction project in Nagold Bold investment for the future

The international specialist for hardware technology, electronic access control systems and LED lighting is planning a visionary construction project and is investing in itsheadquarters in Nagold located in the Black Forest with foresighted entrepreneurial spirit. The company is thus once again making a commitment to the location, setting new standards in terms of logistics and production and securing modern and sustainable jobs for its employees.
After last year’s construction work for an additional high-bay warehouse in the north of the existing distribution centre (launch in spring 2022), the next construction project is already on the agenda. Häfele is thereby not only investing in its outstanding logistics and the constantly growing needs of its customers, but also and above all in the Nagold location in the northern Black Forest.
In the process of this comprehensive construction project, a high-tech building complex is being built in a modern interpretation of the Black Forest style, creating new logistics and production capacities and providing a place of inspiration and exchange that can also be used by other companies and business partners.
The large-scale building complex (“Häfele Dynamics Centre”) creates jobs with a promising future and is a showcase example of innovative strength and a sense of community, because among other things, thought is being given to locating facilities that will also benefit employees of other companies in Nagold.
„With this building project, we are investing in the future of our company and especially in our home base here in the Black Forest,“ says CEO Sibylle Thierer. „We set the bar very high for ourselves and want to live up to our pioneering role in the industry by constantly perfecting our technology and logistics excellence and setting fresh impulses in our industry. You can be excited!“

From the very beginning: Sustainable.
The recyclability of the materials used for construction is already examined, evaluated and carefully selected both individually and in combination in the planning stage. If, for example, it is necessary to design load-bearing structures for wide-span hall ceilings that can technically only be produced in reinforced concrete, indirect measures are taken from the outset to compensate for the resulting carbon footprint. A fire-fighting water cistern is used as a regenerative source for the heating and cooling supply. This storage cistern under the plant enables the buffering of energy that is not continuously available or required. Rainwater is thus a further, essential component in the compensation strategy for unavoidable CO² footprint caused by building materials and construction methods.
The Häfele Dynamics Centre will also have large green roofs and selected flora, which also contributes to a sustainable compensation of emissions. Construction of the futuristic new building on the southern side of the existing dispatch centre in Nagold will begin at the end of 2022. The planned construction period is five years.

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