Picnic on a terrace and a new food court in Eden

Based on research by various companies, behaviour of the Czech population has changed after this spring’s COVID-19 wave. People started using online shopping more and do so in all segments.


The situation is not easy for either, shopping centre owners, their tenants nor the individual shops. Everybody is struggling in one way or another due to a lower number of customers. Tesco Stores ČR a.s., on the other hand, took advantage of the forced closure of the Shopping Centre Eden for further modernization. They commenced a revitalization of their whole food court and renovated the outdoor terrace thus allowing for sitting outside from spring till autumn.

Comfort with an ecological approach

The Shopping Centre Eden, a favourite place for business meetings or dealing with quick services, offers new gadgets for everyone who need to charge their mobile or laptop and want to handle both work and private matters in a pleasant and quiet place. The new image fully reflects a broad spectre of centre’s visitors’ wishes and needs. The whole food court has undergone fundamental visual change having been fitted with new furniture and sockets for charging via classic cable or USB come as a matter of course. Tables are also fitted with practical hooks for bags and handbags. The offer for families with children has also been expanded considerably. The room for parents with infants is equipped with a washbasin and a microwave allowing them to heat food, though it is also popular with sportsmen who do their training at the Form Factory Fitness Centre in the afternoons.

Probably the most interesting and most attractive change has been done to the terrace situated on the north-west side of the building, above the square with a fountain. It was completely reconstructed and bestowed with a new image. The terrace invites one to sit down and organize a picnic in the early evening sun. Everything necessary for a picnic can be purchased at the Tesco hypermarket or in Delistore. The revitalization work is not over yet though. Modernization of the Café Collection café, including the seating area on the terrace, will be commenced at the beginning of September and reconstruction will also be carried out in individual food court operations. A new Punjubi food should, for instance, open in the middle of September.

Safety first

The shopping centre is seen as a place of cultural and social activities. It is a pulsating centre and a sought after location for various meetings. Local events are often of a social-wide character and come with exclusive topics. The centre makes sure visitors feel safe and constantly informs about the regulations which need to be adhered to in these difficult times. Stands with disinfection are placed by every entrance to the centre as well as throughout the food court and by toilets on all floors. The centre also constantly reminds of the necessity to adhere to hygienic regulations as well as the fact that every customer should keep a face mask on him/her as some shops only allow entrance with cover. Everyone can thus feel safe and secure in Eden – both visitors and staff.

For more information see www.nceden.cz


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