Replacing lighting is just the beginning

Replacing lighting is only the first step in optimizing the building‘s operation. Facility managers and building managers more frequently turn to lighting control systems that not only reduce energy consumption, but also increase comfort and control. 

Samuel Prezbruch, sales manager of Nikatron s.r.o., informed us about the key aspects in the implementation of the lighting control system.

Let’s start by asking you to tell our readers what Nikatron does?

Our main focus is the development and manufacture of the Savee control system for managing lighting and other energy-intensive systems in buildings. In doing so, we help our customers reduce operating costs and increase the sustainability of their premises.

So, is it just a management application?

That’s a good question! At Savee, we focus on a comprehensive solution that includes both software and hardware elements. On one side stands our app, which is a central management and display device. At the same time, we also develop special hardware, i.e. smart boxes that communicate with the app and are directly involved in lighting control. So yes, Savee is focusing on both software and hardware to provide users with the most comprehensive and efficient solution to manage their spaces. We call it a 2-in-1 system.

What are the benefits of your solution?

The Savee system offers several key benefits. These include the ability to be implemented into existing cabling, eliminating the need for costly and lengthy renovations. These costly reconstructions are one of the most common reasons why a project becomes many times more expensive and ultimately does not happen at all. That’s why we focused on eliminating these problems and we’ve created a wireless technology that allows our boxes to communicate with each other. Adding Savee boxes to the wiring and activating the software can therefore be done without stopping operations ‘overnight’. As it is a web-based application, it can be viewed on all types of operating systems and brands including PC, tablet and phone. It is therefore possible to centrally control lighting from a single point. With advanced monitoring and data analysis features, users also gain valuable information to optimize their energy processes. In addition, Savee enhances comfort and safety in the building, providing users with the ability to customize lighting to their needs and preferences, while monitoring the status of lights and preventing potential failures.

What all is needed for implementation?

At the outset, we meet with the customer at their premises to establish their needs and wishes. We analyse the current lighting condition or the condition of the existing cabling. Often, in addition to controlling the lights, the customer also requires a complete or partial lighting replacement. In this case, we will invite a lighting partner to work with us on the project to design the lighting replacement together with the control, i.e. a solution suitable for the client. We then create a quotation together with a description of the solution and send it to the client. If requested by the client, we will include additional extensions in the lighting control design where the added benefit of Savee products will become apparent. This is the scalability and robustness of the network. If the project expands in the future, we can just ‘buy the boxes’, integrate them into the cabling and control, for example, another 200 lights using the existing infrastructure.

So, who is Savee suitable for?

At the outset, it should be said that we are not at all focused-on houses, flats and apartment buildings. There, the competition is sufficiently saturated and diverse. On the contrary, we focus our activities and products on industrial halls, technology parks, sports complexes, shopping centres and municipalities. We have both indoor and outdoor product variants, so weather conditions are not a problem for us. Our implementation into existing cabling makes us suitable for brownfield projects and retrofit buildings. Of course, new build and emerging projects are no problem for us either.

And what specifically can you offer for facility managers?

We support facility managers by providing a comprehensive solution for the management and control of lighting in their buildings. This includes central control options, data analysis to identify cost-saving measures, information on overall lighting savings and a short payback period for the investment.

Do you deal only with the domestic market or do you venture abroad as well?

Currently, our company is focusing on the Czech and Slovak market, where we are gradually building a network of partners at the level of integration companies and lighting companies. We are also planning to expand abroad, especially to Austria, where we have already started the first negotiations with partners. We believe that our innovative solutions can also bring value to customers on a European scale.

What are the next plans for the Savee product?

Our goal is to continuously develop and improve the Savee product to best meet the needs of our customers. We plan to expand functionality, integrate with other systems such as BMS and provide ongoing support and service to our partners to ensure maximum satisfaction with our products and services. I would like to invite all who are interested in the Savee system to the AgroKomplex fair, which will take place from 21st to 24th May to 24 in Nitra, Slovakia.


Photo: Savee Archive

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