Nová Waltrovka – the modern district of Prague 5 is getting clear outlines

The generous Nová Waltrovka project, which is being built along the Radlická arterial road, is associated with the previous Waltrovka by Penta Real Estate not only the name but also the desire to refer to the history of this place.

The Nová Waltrovka project continues where the construction of the successful Waltrovka was completed in 2021. It should be noted that Penta was awarded the Best Multifunctional Development in Central Europe Award for the original Waltrovka. The district that they thus created comprises five administrative buildings and more than 600 apartments with excellent civic amenities, including a new park, a central square and a nursery school. Nová Waltrovka will now fill the remaining space of the original brownfield in the length of 500 m from Waltrovka to the ČSOB headquarters. There will be two modern administrative buildings with top class offices and space for retail, an international hotel and over 500 premium apartments. Connecting it with the original Waltrovka will create a modern Prague district that meets all current requirements for work and housing.

Construction is in full swing

The project by the architect Pavel Job from the Prague Ateliér M1 architekti is currently some halfway through construction. Completion of the entire complex is planned in several stages for 2027. The furthest point of construction has already been reached by two administrative buildings, Legatica and Metalica, which will be completed in the third quarter of 2023, and by the first stage of the construction of apartment buildings with 78 residential units, which is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter. The frame of the Zleep hotel is also complete. The second phase, which is to include construction of the largest number of apartments, will continue smoothly next year. Construction of the third phase should begin as scheduled at the turn of 2025 and 2026.

Brand new boulevard

While the administrative buildings of Metalica, Legatica and the Zleep hotel, which belongs to the multinational hotel chain Deutsche Hospitality, will line Radlická Street, the residential part will be concealed behind them. Therefore, future residents do not have to worry about being disturbed by the noise and traffic of this thoroughfare. In the future, the city management is considering pacifying this area, introducing tram traffic and diverting traffic to the Radlická radial tunnel. Radlická Street will thus become a modern boulevard, which puts emphases on urban greenery; at the same time there will be a brand-new wide boulevard with shops, greenery and relaxation zones located between the offices and apartments. The buildings will thus open up to retail areas from both sides.

A modern approach to the work environment

When it comes to office and retail space, Penta Real Estate plans to provide future tenants not only with notch technology and maximum flexibility of space, but also the opportunity to take care of their employees’ well-being. Apart from a unique view of the Vltava River, the planned community terrace also promises the possibility of being used for corporate events, such as joint barbecues or morning yoga. As for sportsmen and especially those who decide to choose a bicycle as their means of transport to work, there will be showers on each administrative floor and a bike room with related facilities. All areas will also be accessible to pets.

We also think about sustainability and impacts

Within the framework of the principles of sustainable development and ecological aspects, the construction, among other things, takes into account the retention and use of rainwater, the reduction of noise and smog by integrating suitable elements into the public space, the use of a sophisticated recuperation system, the elimination of the so-called heat island or the own production of electricity via solar panels on the roofs. Nová Waltrovka also takes pride in the WELL system certification. There is also a plan for equipping some parking spaces with an e-car charging system (their number can be increased according to clients’ requirements).

Non-traditional use of modern technologies

Previous covid years and measures related to this period are also reflected in the use of new technologies and access to services. Visitors to the lobby of new administrative buildings will not be greeted by a receptionist, but by a touch screen, and they will solve everything necessary themselves using a generated QR code and other simple applications. This will also apply to securing a parking space in the building and announcing a visit. The entire reception will then have a character of a serviced cafe, but in addition to perfect coffee, it will also be able to help visitors who resist modern technology.

Emphasis on community engagement

The project also accounts with extensive civic amenities that will connect to the network created within Waltrovka. Nová Waltrovka is planned with shops, services, restaurants with cafes or a sports ground. There are also negotiations being held with the town district regarding the establishment of a school, and Penta itself would like to renovate the historic foundry building, which represents a clear reference to the past of this place and could even find utilisation today. According to the plans, it should not only become the centre of the newly emerging square, but also the centre of life of the local community. The company’s involvement in the project is, among other things, also indicated by the fact that Penta’s project also includes ideas for improving the public space, which were proposed by children from the two nearest schools.

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