Karlin Port Real Estate acquired premium residential project

Karlin Port Real Estate announced that it has completed the purchase of Výhledy Košík, a premium residential project that will grow in Hostivař, one of Prague’s greenest districts.


Thgether with experienced investor and developer Mr. Jan Dvořák, with unique experience in revitalization of Letňany locality and a few outside of Prague projects, Karlin Port RE is aiming to offer to the market another architectural jewel that will enrich Prague real estate market. Výhledy Košík will comprise of nearly 220 apartments, several retail premises, and a spacious underground parking area. It will participate in the current development of Hostivař, a family-oriented neighbourhood of Prague surrounded by nature parks and forests.

“To make sure Výhledy Košík becomes an integral part of the Karlin Port Real Estate portfolio, we have approached seven renowned Czech architects. Their task is to infuse Výhledy Košík with elegance, sophistication, and modernity, which are, along with the highest quality of construction and used materials, the fundamental pillars of our company,” says Milorad Mišković, a co-owner of Karlin Port Real Estate. The architectural design of Výhledy Košík came out of the competition with seven participants. The winner is the ADNS architects studio, which is now preparing documents for the building process. The acquisition marks a new era in the company’s history as it enters into a new quarter of Prague. So far, Karlin Port Real Estate has developed residential and commercial buildings e.g. in Holešovice, Karlín, Košíře or Vinohrady.

red / Visualization: ADNS Architekt

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